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AIJCR. 2020. Volume 10. Issue 1.

A Critical Appraisal of the Legal and Policy Frameworks for the Protection of Women's Rights in Nigeria

Enobong M. Akpambang

Working Environment of Academic Staff in Federal State and Private Universities in Delta State

Joseph E. Anho

The Typology of Regimes in the Though of Plato and Montesquieu: A Comparative Evaluation

Nikolaos Tsiros

The Legal Value of the State Emblems

Victor Y.J.D. Tsala

Review of Sources to Learn German with the Help of Distance Education Tools

Salamat M. Khatamova

Husnida Kamilova

Oybek F. Khatamov

Distance Education, Traditional Education and Hybrid Education: Comparative Analysis of Benefits

Salamat M. Khatamova

Feruza Mirzakulova

Oybek F. Khatamov

Mrs. Ramsey as Leading Image in "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf

Lobar B. Bozorova

Husnida Kamilova

"Mrs. Dalloway": Symbol of Contrast between Virginia Woolf and Society

Lobar B. Bozorova

Key Problems in a Medical Terms Translation: Overview of the Issue

Zarina Yarieva

Linguacultural and Pragmatic Features of Maxims and Aphorisms of the English Language

Malika A. Solieva

Kamila A. Kenjaeva

Rano Z. Abdumajidova

Gulnora Kh. Kuchmuradova

The Use of Erudite and Popular Terms while Translating Medical Texts from English Into Uzbek

Zarina Sh. Yarieva

Javokhir T. Tursunov

Munira Zoirova

Improving Non-Philology Students' Language Skills in Russian: Creative Approach Context

Rano A. Khalilova

Rhetoric and Contrastive Rhetoric: Linguistic and Pedagogical Approach

Behzod R. Sultanov

"Hard" Science Fiction: Criticism and Speculations

Rafael Sh. Akhmedov

Zeyneb E. Akhmedova

Sharing the Experience of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language to the Uzbek Speaking Audience

Mukhabbat U. Solieva

New Interactive Tendencies in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Mukhabbat U. Solieva

Elements, Appeals, Structure, and Pitfalls of Rhetorical Analysis

Behzod R. Sultanov

Acquiring Clear Understanding of Social Values in Charles Dickens' 'Oliver Twist'

Mirvohid M. Fozilov

Sarvinoz Pulatova

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