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Book Publishing Services


Advanced Indexed Journals of Cases and Reports (AIJCR) Publishing Group produces high-quality paperback books, hardback books and eBooks in every genre, so if you wish to publish books, or just want advice on cost effective publishing, AIJCR Publishing Group can help you taking into consideration any personal requirements and wishes.


We provide all the services to help authors publish their own books and ebooks, from proofreading, book covers, book design and ebook files, to printing, book distribution and book marketing. If you need the advice about books distribution, blogs setting up, press releasing or an app just contact us.


An ISBN number will be assigned to your book when you decide to publish it.


Book publishing services are as follows:


  - Copy editing
  - Proofreading
  - Full book design service
  - Printing & binding
  - Promotion & marketing
  - Blogs and social networking
  - Book distribution
  - Online bookshop
  - eBooks and Apps


Advanced Indexed Journals of Cases and Reports (AIJCR) Publishing Groups' Open Access Book Features:


   - Open access - publications are freely available online
  - Rigorous peer review - every manuscript will be reviewed by more than 5 experts
  - High visibility

To start the book publishing process, please send it to for evaluation and review.

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