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​​​Date: 27.09.2021-28.09.2021

Place: Antalya, Turkey

Title: "International Teacher Education Conference"

Organizer: Antalya University & Sakarya University & Near East University

Book of Proceedings (Download)



Date: 29.03.2020-31.03.2020

Place: Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Title: "Surviving and Thriving: Education in Times of Change"

Organizer: IAFOR, CPI

Book of Proceedings (Download)

Date: 22.01.2020

Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Title: "Bridge to Science: Research Works"

Organizer: B&M Publishing, AIJCR, Colloquium

Book of Proceedings (Download)

​​Date: 24.10.2019-25.10.2019

Place: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Title: "Annual Conference"

Organizer: "Great Lakes" Academy of Legal Studies in Business

Book of Proceedings (Download)

Date: 28.01.2019-01.02.2019

Place: University of Aizu, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan

Title: "Information Design and Management"

Organizer: ACM Chapter on E-Learning and Technical Communication

Book of Proceedings (Download)

Date: 09.09.2018-12.09.2018

Place: Ghent, Belgium 

Title: "Landscapes of Conflict"

Orginizer: European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS).

Book of Proceedings (Download)


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